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Author: Aimee Murphy

Notice of Public Hearing – Preliminary Budget 2024




NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the preliminary budget of the Town of Lowville for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2024, including General Town Funds, Highway Funds, Water District and Sewer District Funds, and Fire District Funds, has been completed and filed in the office of the Town Clerk of the Town of Lowville, 5533 Bostwick Street, Lowville, New York, 13367, where it is available for inspection by any interested person during normal office hours.

The Town Board of the Town of Lowville shall hold a public hearing on said preliminary budget on October 19, 2023 at 10:15 a.m., at the Lowville Town Hall, 5533 Bostwick St., Lowville, NY, showing such changes, alterations and revisions as shall have been made therein by the Town Board of the Town of Lowville.  At such hearing, any person may be heard in favor of or against the preliminary budget as compiled or for or against any item or items therein contained.

The following are the proposed annual salaries of elected town officials of the Town of Lowville:

            1.         Town Supervisor:        $17,000.00

            2.         Town Councilman (4):   4,000.00(each)

            3.         Town Justice(2):            17,500.00(each)

Citizens have the right to provide written and oral comments and ask questions concerning the entire budget and the relationships of entitlement funds to the entire budget.  Handicapped citizens or senior citizens who require assistance in attending said public hearing, or in furnishing suggestions, should contact the undersigned Town Clerk to request such assistance.

By Order of the Town Board of the Town of Lowville

Aimee L. Murphy, RMC

Town Clerk

Notice of Public Hearing – Benefit Assessment Rolls

The Town Board of the Town of Lowville will hold a public hearing at the regularly scheduled Town Board meeting on October 19, 2023 for the Benefit Assessment Rolls for Consolidated Water District#1.  The public hearing will be at 10:00 a.m.  The meeting will be held at the Town Offices, 5533 Bostwick St., Lowville, New York. 

By Order of the Town Board.

Aimee L. Murphy, RMC

Town Clerk, Town of Lowville